About Us

Manhattan based food junkie that was born from our passion and love for the vast and vibrant NYC food scene; FoodieFlick is encouraging everyone to eat out 8 days a week! Whether you’re visiting or call NYC your home, FoodieFlick keeps you plugged into the latest and greatest food spots.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and our story starts by focusing back onto a niche market. FoodieFlick strictly posts and writes about what we know best, which is Where to Eat in Manhattan! From the luxurious and ritzy to Food Trucks and Street Stands, we cover it all. We harnessed and perfected our focus by keeping up with the latest food trends, while always visiting and reliving Manhattan’s classic staples. We strive to eat out 8 days a week, and encourage you to live by our credo as well. Be sure to check in for daily foodie updates.


Fun and easy to navigate our website also helps assist new and existing businesses spread the word about their products. The advertising portion of our business is utilized to inform our users about what new products are hitting the market. Be sure to check out or Collab of the Week below 🙂


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